You may come to us planning the construction of a new home or an extensive renovation. Perhaps you're seeking a new kitchen or bath, custom cabinets, or architectural trim. We know the goals you have for your home are much more than just a task. They're a need, a great desire, and perhaps something you've dreamed of doing for some time. We truly understand and take pride in approaching this with a passion that rivals your own.

To help define the project we will work with you to first define the dream, the need, and the goal. After listening to you closely, we will present solutions and recommendations for consideration. Our guidance will equip you to make well informed decisions that will define the project and general scope of work. Now we're ready for Design.


Well-conceived design breeds well-executed results. Together we will explore the options on “the drawing board”. To avoid leaving you the burden of deciphering flat drawings and blueprints, our artisans produce 3D visuals that make visualizing your plans stress-free. This allows us to best ensure that we understand your wishes and that you understand our proposed plans to achieve them. And this is, of course, all done with sensitivity to your budget. Finally, we can begin to build.

circle-3Build or Remodel

After establishing a well-defined scope of work and a professional design, we are properly prepared for a successful build. Over our 30-plus years of experience we have assembled a team of skilled managers and artisans who clearly understand the culture of Artisan DBR and will quickly instill confidence with warmth and respect.

We have employed a clear building process and cloud-based construction management system that allows us all to share important information in real time, manage finances, view calendars, and much more. Our organized system allows very busy individuals to closely follow the progress with confidence from anywhere with an internet connection or be an integrated part of the team. It's up to you. It's immensely rewarding when the combined efforts of owners and artisans alike culminates into a final result that everyone is proud of.