Our Proven 3 Step Process

circle-1 Concept

You may come to us planning the construction of a new home or an extensive renovation. Perhaps you're seeking a new kitchen or bath, custom cabinets or architectural trim. We know the goals you have for your home are much than just a task. They're a need, a great desire, and perhaps something you've dreamed of doing for some time. We truly understand and take pride in approaching this with a passion that rivals your own.

To help define the project we will work with you to first define the dream, the need, and the goal. After listening to you closely, we will present solutions and recommendations for consideration. Our guidance will equip you to make well informed decisions that will define the project and general scope of work. Now we're ready for Design.

What to expect:

First thing’s first. Please contact us so that we can have a friendly phone conversation. This is our first opportunity to get to know each other and confirm that what you seek and what we offer is a good fit.

·       We make the effort to truly listen to what your dreams are for your home. This mentality continues until those dreams are met.

·       We will meet at your home and spend some time discussing the goals. It’s very important that at this meeting we have all the decision makers present.

·       We will define a clear scope of work. In other words, we will define all the parts that add up to a completed project.

·       It is wise to discuss budgets and schedules at this time to be sure we are all on the same page.

·       This exciting first step goes quickly and it’s free.


Common Questions:

Is there a charge for this service? No, we do not charge for our time spent during consultations.

We are sure of what we want. Is this meeting really necessary? Yes. Please consider that our consultation with you might offer a new perspective. We want to help you help us get this right the first time.

Who has to attend this meeting? It is very important that this first meeting be attended by all decision makers and any adults that would be affected.

Do we have to take off time from work? No. We offer evening and weekend time slots to accommodate any work schedule.



circle-2 Design

Well-conceived design breeds well-executed results. Together we explore all of our options on "the drawing board". To avoid leaving you the burden of deciphering flat drawings and blueprints, our artisans produce 3D visuals that make visualizing your plans stress-free. This allows us to best ensure that we understand your wishes and that you understand our proposed plans to achieve them. And this is, of course, all done with sensitivity to your budget. Finally, we can begin the build.


What to expect:

The need or extent of a design varies quite a bit from project to project. Skipping this step is not wise.  

·       We provide a proposal in advance of what design work is recommended for the scope of work we have defined.

·       Upon approval of our design proposal, an online project management account is set up where we can share data and collaborate.

·       Design incorporates a variety of services we provide. These are applicable to multiple scenarios:

o   Perhaps you already have plans drawn by an architect. This is great and we are eager to review them. Should they contain all that is necessary, the drawing phase is done. Should the provided drawings require more detail o be added, we look forward to consulting with the architect or providing our own to do so.

o   Perhaps you already have a designer and drawings were generated. Again, this situation is great and we look forward to working with your designer with a true collaborative spirit.

o   Perhaps you have both an architect and a designer. There is no conflict here; our skill is to bring all this talent together, functioning seamlessly as a team representing you.

o   Perhaps you have elected to start this process with us from its inception. We and our team of talented professionals stand ready to fulfill all the design requirements and preferences.

·       You might find it interesting to know that we have the capability to embellish and advance our digitally designed drawings to the point where they’re virtually photo quality. These rendered drawing appear as if they’re film or photos of a completed project. This far exceeds what is necessary for us to achieve all the basic goals, however, some find this luxury to be an attractive option.

·       The design process happens in steps. We measure and photograph the existing conditions; if necessary, we complete a zoning analysis. Then our team starts to generate basic drawings to start the discussion. These drawings go through phases which we advance through when given your review and approval.

·       When outsourced expeditors, architects and/or engineering services are required, we have you covered.


Common Questions:

Is there a charge for the design services? Yes, we will provide you with a proposal in advance that will clearly outline the cost and terms for your consideration and approval.

Will you build without a drawing? Almost never. There are some instances where this is justified but for the most part proceeding without true clarity is a bad idea.

What if we have plans but we’re no longer working with the person who drew them? This situation arises more often than one might expect. Our artisans will make the most of your previous design investment as we generate the designs and drawings moving forward.

What if our designer insists on providing all the drawings? We have never met a designer whom we could not collaborate with. Together, we can provide you with everything you need.

How many meeting will this take? There is no easy answer. The best that can be said is as many as it takes. Doing this step correctly is vital to a projects success. After receiving actionable feedback from an owner, we are typically ready for the next review within the next 10 business days.

Where do we meet? When necessary, meetings take place at the work site. Otherwise, meeting locations are based on what is most convenient for you. We can also set up virtual meetings that have proven successful.




circle-3 Build or Remodel

After we have a well-defined scope of work and a professional design, we are properly prepared for a successful build. Over our 30-plus years of experience we have assembled a team of skilled managers and artisans who clearly understand the culture of Artisan DBR and will quickly instill confidence with warmth and respect.

We have employed a clear building process and cloud-based construction management system that allows us all to share important information in real time, manage finances, view calendars, and much more. Our organized system allows very busy individuals to closely follow the progress with confidence from anywhere with an internet connection or be an integrated part of the team. It's up to you. It's immensely rewarding when the combined efforts of owners and artisans alike culminates into a final result that everyone is proud of.


What to expect:

Once a design and drawings are sufficiently completed, we will generate a proposal to complete the build. This proposal will clearly define our scope of work as well as costs.

·       Upon approval of our proposal, many things are set up to prepare for the build:

o   Your online portal is developed which allows for clear communication and provides too many tools to list here.

o   As required by law, you are given certificates of insurance as evidence that we are properly insured.

o   You are given a copy of our license.

o   The selections needed are outlined clearly and assistance with making these choices is given. 

o   A schedule is put together based on the critical path of construction.

·       This may sound shocking, but we provide a schedule in advance. You know both the projected start and completion date. We do NOT start your job then leave. We’ll let our competitors engage in that nonsense.

·       If you hired Artisan, you are likely a discriminating owner who demands a high standard. You can be certain of our team’s true talent when you consult our references and more so when you see them in action.   

·       There are a few things that you will obviously expect such as quality, staying within a clear budget & keeping true to a schedule. But we hope you take comfort in knowing that you can also expect our artisans to be professionals and gentlemen who treat you and your family with the utmost respect and care.

·       We hope you agree with us that this experience should be fun. That is not to say it’s not a serious endeavor. It is. However, this is also the fulfillment of a dream and likely one you have looked forward to for some time. These projects are never cheap and when you invest to do it right you should also enjoy that process.  This is a well understood part of our company culture and it makes all the difference.

·       We are a turnkey operation. That is to say, with very few exceptions, we take your project from its conception to a professional post construction cleaning of your home so you move in ready to enjoy the end result.


Common Questions:

What if we want to use our own plumber? We must be fully responsible for our work. As such, hiring a trade of your choice is possible. We do reserve the right to qualify anyone at our own discretion. We have met some excellent trades this way, so we welcome the introduction.

What if we want to paint? We have no objection to deleting from our scope of work finishes or final details that would take place after our work has been completed. For insurance reasons, this work must take place after final approved inspection.

When does the project start? This is contingent on many issues including, your preference, permits, material selections, and our team of artisan’s availability at the time of the signing.

What materials must be selected in advance? It is not prudent to begin a project until all time sensitive selections have been made and we are confident that all material will be available when needed.

What if we would like to make changes after the signing of the proposal? We understand that these projects have many moving parts and that you need to be comfortable should you want to make changes. We manage this through your online portal and the Change Order component. Any effects to the cost and schedule will all be made clear for you.